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Dortmunder U - Google Maps
Leonie-Reygers-Terrasse, 44137 Dortmund

The workshop will take place in the innogy-Forum in the Dortmund U-Tower which is located in the center of the city close to the main train station. The building, constructed in 1926/27, was originally used for brewing and storing beer by the Dortmunder Union brewery. After its renovation it is used in multiple ways, for example, as museum and also Borussia Dortmund celebrated the recent championships in the Dortmunder U. It also hosts the innogy-Forum which can be used as cinema or lecture hall. The capacity is up to about 200 seats.


The workshop venue – Dortmunder U building is located at 5 minutes walking distance from the main railway station (Dortmund Hauptbahnhof).

For Flights one can choose the following airports:

  • Düsseldorf, DUS (50 minutes by train to Dortmund)
  • Köln, CGN (1.5 hours by train to Dortmund)
  • Frankfurt am Main, FRA (2.5 hours by train to Dortmund)